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Professional Team

Through continuous efforts, Xu Feng Medical has accumulated rich experience in construction and commissioning, tempered a high-quality team with professional ability and professionalism, and established an effective and perfect operation mechanism.

For the needs of all customers and maintenance units in the country, Foshan xu feng  Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Area A of Pingsheng Avenue (formerly Agricultural Science Institute), Pingsheng Community, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City. Xu Feng Medical has established a corresponding department and staff configuration to serve customers' needs conveniently, quickly and effectively. Directly communicate with customers in various regions to reduce intermediate links; collaboration and timely communication between teams can achieve efficient and convenient operation of the entire project.

Xu Feng The medical team constantly improves the service quality, timely adjusts the program at every stage of the project, continuously innovates the management mode and service mode, firmly establishes the high standards for the operation of the exclusive medical project, and effectively pursues the satisfaction of 101%. , wholeheartedly for the purpose of customer service, "nothing customers, only the service is not perfect" & rdquo; service concept.

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